Drum kit tama starclassic performer b/b

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Drum kit tama starclassic performer b/b.

Combining wood types is not exactly a rare thing in the drumming business, but with the combination of birch and bubinga, Tama has certainly struck gold. The birch gives this Starclassic Performer BB shell set its robust attack, while the bubinga gives it some warmth by emphasising the lower frequencies. This four-piece shell set consists of a 22 x 18-inch bass drum, 10 x 8 and 12 x 9-inch toms and a 16 x 14-inch floor tom, all in a beautiful three-tone Tri-Burst Tobacco finish.


SIZEBass Drum 22" X 18" / Floor Tom 16" X 14" / Tom Tom 12" X 9" - 10" X 8" / Snare Drum 14" X 5 1/2"
SHELLTT/FT: 4ply Birch + 3 Inner Plies Bubinga,6mm. / BD: 5ply Birch + 3 Inner Plies Bubinga, 7mm.
HARDWAREMTH909 Tom Holder.
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