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About Us

 The Music House "Trimis" is being active in the music industry since 1958. It is a family business that started its activity by repairing musical instruments and mostly accordions and pianos.
 The founder of the company, Michalis Trimis (1906-1981), one of the most well known accordionists of his time, together with his son Stylianos Trimis (1936-2008), maintained a small space for the repairs of accordions and pianos in Har. Trikoupi 1A, in the center of Athens.
 In 1974 the management of the company goes into the hands of Stylianos Trimis. Continuous contact with professional musicians leads to the decision to introduce a new accordion company in our country. The accordion GIUSTOZZI came for the first time in Greece in 1977 with the best recommendations from Italian musicians and manufacturers. Since then the company has collaborated with SAMICK and BALDWIN (pianos), BRANDONI & Sons (accordion), MAXTONE (percussion - accessories).
 In 1981, Michael Trimis died and replaced by his grandson Michael Trimis. In 1983, the company moved to ground floor store of Harilaou Trikoupi 1A and is expanding to more modern levels for the season and at the same time the cooperation with GIBSON b.v.
 In 1984, the merger of the individual companies into one, in Stylianos Trimis & Co OE, with the main activity of retail and wholesale trade. In 1986, the company started working with Jim Dunlop.
 After years of hard work in 1992, the company cooperates with the percussion and cymbals of MEINL CO and a year later the company undertakes the exclusive introduction and representation of the products of IBANEZ (electric, acoustic and classical guitars, bass) , effects, accessories) and TAMA (drums) of HOSHINO GAKKI CO., LTD.
 In 2000 GALLIEN KRUEGER bass amplifiers were introduced, Constantin cymbals in 2001, while in 2010 the products of VALENCIA, SX, CNB, PLATINUM and MAHALO are added to the musical products imported.
 Over the years, the Music House "Trimis" has undertaken the introduction, representation and marketing of other leading manufacturers such as MORENO, ART & LUTHIERE, SEAGULL, SIMON & PATRICK and GODIN (guitars), KEN SMITH (bass), BLACKSTAR , HUGHES & KETTNER and ASHDOWN (amplifiers), RADIAL, HUGHES & KETTNER, PIGTRONIX and CARL MARTIN (pedals), as well as the UFIP and the MAXTONE percussions.

 In April 2023, the main office will be moved to a new location, due to the sale of the building. And so from Char. Trikoupi 1A of Athens, the new address is 366 Vouliagmeni Avenue Par. in Ag. Dimitrios.
 The Music House "Trimis" is a passionate family for music that has been participating for many years in the music of the country and its purpose is to serve its customers instantly and to win the trust of the amateur and the professional musician.