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Stereo mixer nady mm4
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Brand: NADY
This ultracompact, 4-channel Nady Mini MM4 Mixer features low noise and transparent audio. It has 8 inputs (1/4" phone) and stereo balanced outputs (1/4" TRS). All channels have gain selects to accommodate all types of input levels. 2 MM4 mixing consoles can be cascaded for added channels...
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Stereo mic / line mixer nady srm-10x
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Brand: NADY
The Nady SRM-10X Mixer is designed for numerous studio and stage applications, from keyboard and monitor mixing, to MIDI studio and video mixing. Ultralow noise mic preamps, full-spectrum frequency response, wide dynamic range with superior headroom, separate master mix, control and headphone output..
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Speaker nady ps115
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Brand: NADY
The Nady PS115 15" 500W 2-Way Full Range Speaker is a massive 500-watt, 2-way, full-range speaker. 15" woofer and 5" x 15" horn with high-compression piezo driver deliver big tone with crystalline high ends and brutal bass. Carpet covered with a steel grille, recessed handles, an..
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Stereo mic / line mixer nady srm-8
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Brand: NADY
The Nady's SRM-8 is an eight-channel mic / line mixer that features rugged construction, rackmountability, phantom power, LED level meters, two auxiliary sends, low-cut filters and three-band EQ for each channel. The SRM-8 has six rows of knobs four monaural, plus two stereo. The mono channels o..
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Vacuum tube condenser microphone nady tcm-1100
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Brand: NADY
Vacuum tube condenser microphone TCM 1100 with plastic case for transport and storage. The TCM 1100 is ideal for recording vocals, general instruments, PA cabinets, and more...
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Vacuum tube condenser microphone nady tcm-1050
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Brand: NADY
Vacuum tube condenser microphone TCM 1050 with aluminum flight case. This microphone is ideal for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, orchestras, and more...
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Stereo mixer nady cmx-16a
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Brand: NADY
Offering up to twenty channels (including aux returns) plus 2 RCA tape inputs, this compact console and rackmountable mixer delivers top performance, full-functioned flexibility, and ultimate value and is ideal for even the most demanding mixing applications. Full-frequency response, wide dynamic ra..
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