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Ergo-shape string cajon meinl caj300bu-m

meinl caj300bu-m cajon
Ergo-shape string cajon meinl caj300bu-m
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The MEINL Ergo-Shape String Cajon features an exotic Bubinga frontplate and two innovations: The frontplate is ergonomically curved for maximum comfort and sound development, and the string mute system gives your sound extra precision and control. The Bubinga frontplate is a rich and beautiful reddish coloured African wood.


MATERIAL Frontplate: Bubinga Resonating body: Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)
SNARE TYPE Adjustable sizzle effect. Integrated string mute system (patent pending)
SIZE Width: 36cm. Height: 56cm. Depth: 35cm.