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Amplifier head for guitar blackstar ht metal 5h

amplifiers heads for guitar blackstar
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Amplifier head for guitar blackstar ht metal 5h
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Amplifier head for guitar. Part of their HT Metal Series, the Blackstar HT METAL 5H 5 W head is a tube-driven metal monster that lets you produce high-gain madness through your favorite cab without drawing the wrath of your neighbors. It can handle tones from classic British heavy metal to modern U.S. scooped high gain, and all sonic places in between. 

WEIGHT 7.6kg.
WATT 5Watts.
PREAMP - FINAL Tube, 1 x ECC83, 1 x 12BH7 .
CHANNELS Clean / Overdrive.
ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS Clean Volume/Clean Tone/Overdrive Gain/Overdrive Volume/Bass (OD Channel)/Middle (OD Channel)/Treble (OD Channel)/ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)/Reverb.
INPUT - OUTPUT Speaker Emulated Output & Headphones / MP3/Line Input / Speaker Outputs / Effects Loop Send-Return.
EFFECT Digital reverb.