Effect pedal for electric guitar IBANEZ ADMINI

effect pedals for electric guitar ibanez
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If you know how to use an AD9, you know how to use an ADMINI. It’s pretty much that same style of dark analog tone we all know and love in an adorable pink package. The ADMINI reprises the AD9’s knob functions (while losing the AD9’s dry out), so the benefit of choosing this over its predecessor (should you own an AD9 already) is more-or-less the benefit of more room and an updated chip. However, if you don’t own an AD9 or ADMINI, the tone is impeccable despite the loss of the AD9’s stereo functionality. The proportionally massive Delay Time knob in the center implies where the money is and pitch shifts the delay creamily if you turn it while the pedal is generating repeats. The smaller Blend and Repeat knobs are impossible to kick accidentally, which is a huge boon for anyone who packs their ‘board tightly. At its extremes the ADMINI will self-oscillate into chaotic, pitch-shiftable banshee wails; at its most gentle, you’re rewarded with a gritty ambient delay that dies out warm and dark like a freshly extinguished log of firewood.

ADJUSTMENT OPTIONSDelay Time / Repeat / Blend
INPUT - OUTPUTInput / Output
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