Effect pedal for electric guitar HUGHES & KETTNER REPLEX

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Emulates the sounds produced by magnetic tape and the heads of coveted vintage delays.The Replex is a premium-class tone-shaping tool that provides tube-driven reverb and echo with tape delay simulation. It precisely replicates the complex sound-shaping properties of the great '60s tape delays and is far more musical and varied than conventional digital delays without the hassle and unreliability of tape devices. In addition to producing the warm sound of topnotch spring reverbs, it offers individually variable single-head and multi-head delays. Includes power supply.

EFFECT TYPEReverb / Delay.
ADJUSTMENT OPTIONSDrive/Output/Reverb Volume/Delay Volume/Delay Feedback/Delay Vintage Factor/Single Head Time/Dual head Time/Second Head Volume.
INPUT - OUTPUTInput / Output
POWER SUPPLY12V/50-60Hz/700mA
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